Stay Relevant: Advice for Scaling and Adding New Service

  • Do you really have to offer the gig extra that always lead to difficult revisions?
  • Is there a better way to price your best-selling gig to encourage upsells?
  • Can you modify a low-performing gig to match a new trend in buyer requests


Take time to clarify the stumbling blocks that keep the tripping buyers up.


  • If you frequently find yourself asking buyers for more information, something is nuclear. Update your order form requirements and re-read prompts to clearly
  • (If you’re not using quick responses yet, you’re not prepared to scale!) Be proactive and put buyers at by addressing common concerns in your initial messages.
  • Customers shouldn’t all be asking the same questions. Update your gig page and stop wasting time by answering each person individually

Take a well-deserved moment and put yourself on the back for what you’ve achieved thus far! Now it’s time to leverage what’s you’ve built and create a sustainable, scalable freelance business that you love.

Take Requests
You’ve heard that more the gigs are to more opportunity, but how do you know what to offer? Let your base friendly, repeat buyers be the guide.

If a repeat customer out to a with customer request that’s a little outside of your wheelhouse, but still relevant – go for it! This opportunity provides insight to know what extra services your clients need, and it gives you the perfect to try something new with a friendly audience before opening a new gig.

It’s best to offer a special price and be upfront with them about your lack of proven experience, but eagerness to try. If they are willing to take the gamble, then you should too!

September 16, 2019