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How to juggle postgraduate study and full-time freelancing without going mad

Making a living as a full-time freelancer isn’t easy. You’ve got to spend 40-50 hours per week working on projects, chasing down leads and seeking new clients. It’s no surprise then that many full-time freelancers find themselves completely knackered at the end of the day.

Postgraduate study could open up a path to a more stable, fulfilling career – or to higher rates and better odds as a self-employed business leader. But is it possible to earn a living as a freelancer and succeed in academia at the same time? The answer is yes, you can.  While freelancing may be demanding, it offers the flexibility you’ll need to do well as a uni student. Start by choosing a programme that meets your needs, then plan carefully, and manage your time wisely.

Choose the right programme

As a freelancer, you could have the flexibility to attend lectures and tutorials in person several days a week, and do your paying work when you’re not needed elsewhere. Then again, you might not; it all depends on the nature of your work and what your clients need from you.

If your paid workload demands that you be in specific locations at certain times of the day, consider a postgraduate programme that gives you the flexibility to study when your schedule allows. There are lots of prestigious online postgraduate programmes that allow you to earn a master’s or Ph.D. in your own time. You could even earn an online Masters in Education from an American university, without hopping across the pond or rearranging your work schedule…much.

Plan ahead

The academic year has its peaks and troughs – the workload starts out light enough at the beginning of the term, but things can get hectic as finals approach. Try to plan ahead to anticipate busy periods at work and at uni. The heavy workloads and later deadlines of postgraduate academic work mean that you need to carefully plan how you’ll complete readings, research projects and other assignments and expectations.

Study your syllabi at the beginning of the term and let clients know when you anticipate being extra busy with uni work. You have the advantage of being able to say no to projects you’re too busy to take on, or to create a timeline for a work project that still leaves time for your schoolwork. You can also charge higher fees for rush work during busy periods, just don’t neglect your studies. 

Use your time wisely

As a full-time freelancer and uni student working towards a postgraduate degree, you should organise each day into blocks of time, scheduling the time you need to work on paid assignments, academic work and, of course, looking after yourself. Eat healthily, and be sure to get enough rest and exercise. Schedule some time for recreation or socialising with friends each week. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll end up sick in bed, and no good to anyone – least of all your clients or tutors.

Don’t leave the house without some of your suggested reading; you might be able to get in a few pages while you’re on the Tube or waiting around for a friend. Those extra minutes add up. There are only so many hours in the day, and if you don’t make time to work now, you may not have it later.

It’s not easy working full-time as a uni student, but freelancing offers you the advantage of a work schedule that can be adjusted to meet the demands of life as a student. A master’s programme only lasts a year or two, and you’ll reap the benefits for a lifetime.

September 26, 2019

What freelance writers can do to diversify their income

‘Independent author’ isn’t generally a calling that shouts out ‘monetary steadiness’. Frequently, independent journalists battle to keep up a solid salary and a constant flow of work. In any case, this isn’t something that you should let manage how you work, and how you carry on with your life. The appropriate response, my companions, is ‘broadening’.

Broadening your pay — for example making various distinctive salary streams — will help you in intense occasions. Depending on only a couple of customers to pay for your composing is fine when they have enough spending plan in their undertaking and like your work, yet what happens when the cash evaporates? Peruse on to discover how you can differentiate your pay as an independent essayist.

Get that blog moving

In the event that you haven’t officially, at that point start a blog.

There are various positives to doing this. The first is that you’ll sharpen your composition abilities and you can work on expounding on everything without exception. On the off chance that you need, adhere to a subject, similar to sustenance, travel or simply the energizing existence of an independent publicist…

The second is that you can get your name out there – composing a blog will enable you to develop an after of perusers. Having a better than average estimated group of spectators will consistently profit you – more traffic is useful for your site, and your perusers may likewise be potential customers.

Furthermore, finally – think about the cash! OK, so it’s abnormal to acquire your millions by means of your blog-composing (however it is conceivable: look at these bloggers for motivation). Yet, you can monetise your blog.

Things like supported blog entries and facilitating paid adverts will create a touch of salary. Offshoot showcasing is likewise a choice — fundamentally, you advance another person’s item on a blog entry, and in the event that your perusers pursue that connection and purchase the item, at that point you’ll acquire a little commission.

It’s extremely simple to set up your own blog utilizing a free stage like WordPress or Wix. So what are you sitting tight for? Get composing! Keep it up, fabricate more traffic to your blog, get more individuals perusing your work, and profit with offshoot joins.

Effort – discover more customers!

Indeed, it’s incredible that you have steadfast customers, however you can’t generally simply depend on them to furnish you with a consistent stream of work. They may have an adjustment in condition, they may battle to pay you, you could wind up separating over your ‘imaginative contrasts’… Realistically, it’s truly hazardous to place all of your investments tied up on one place.

Be proactive about finding new customers. Approach potential customers with offers to compose for them. Get your present customers to allude you — informal exchange is an amazing thing, especially with regards to contracting specialists.

On the off chance that you’re an outsourcing essayist, at that point I’d firmly prescribe joining to a consultant site like fivesquid. It’s anything but difficult to join and rundown your administrations (as an essayist and the sky is the limit from there, in the event that you’d like). The site will have your advertisements, and potential customers can look at your profile and check whether it’s an appropriate match. When the assignment has been finished, you can get input and client audits, so you can rapidly develop a decent notoriety.

Independently publish – compose that book you’ve for the longest time been itching to

As an independent essayist, you’ve presumably had shedloads of individuals asking when your novel’s turning out or letting you know energetically that you ought to compose a book.

What’s more, no, I’m not here to reveal to you that in the event that you compose a book, the main distributer you meet will swoon at your feet, sign you quickly, and you’ll be an independent tycoon writer in only days. It as a rule doesn’t work that way.

I’m talking digital books. There’s way more benefit per digital book on the grounds that there’s no printing or transporting, and you can sell your digital book to anybody, anyplace on the planet.

So in case you’re a specialist in a theme like substance showcasing, why not compose a digital book regarding the matter? Individuals will pay to peruse this data and gain from you. This is particularly great in the event that you’ve officially developed a decent supporter following on your blog, as your devotees will need to peruse more. You can likewise utilize your blog as a stage to sell your digital book and different administrations, just as selling your digital book on Amazon.

Set up an online business store

This may not appear to be an independent essayist y activity, however trust us on this one. It’s a veeeery little advance from substance advertising (which is basically what you’re doing) to web based business promoting.

On the off chance that you’re stressed over your pay from the composition gigs, at that point top up your salary by setting up an online store as an afterthought. What are you energetic about? In case you’re into your specialties or you make adornments or pads or shirts for entertainment only, why not monetise this and transform your energy into a benefit?

It’s so natural to do nowadays with modest web based business stages like Shopify or Squarespace. You pay a little month to month charge, and they help you out with a wide range of things. It’s likewise extremely easy to make an alluring and expert looking site with their inherent layouts.

On the off chance that you’re stressed over setting up a business without any preparation, at that point look at Exchange. There are a lot of sites available to be purchased that you can purchase ‘instant’, and that you would then be able to change exactly as you would prefer.

Furthermore, if making your very own items appears to be really overwhelming or tedious, at that point look at outsourcing. Outsourcing is fundamentally a plan of action which essentially enables you to run your store while never holding any stock. You utilize immense commercial centers like Oberlo to give you access to a wide range of items that you can sell.

Gain proficiency with some new abilities

This isn’t as troublesome as you might suspect! Pursue online courses in anything from coding to the innovative — you may need to hack up some money for the course, however it will satisfy over the long haul.

In case you’re an author used to doing blog entries or site content, why not branch out? Start a CV composing or altering administration. No one loves composing a CV, and very few individuals are great at it. So on the off chance that you have solid composition aptitudes you can without much of a stretch turn your hand to this once you’ve looked into what businesses need.

You could likewise alter or edit articles or different kinds of substance. What’s more, on the off chance that you’re multilingual, at that point unquestionably consider being an interpreter in your extra time — it pays well.

As should be obvious, there are a lot of various ways you can enhance your pay as an independent essayist. Contingent upon your way of life and work, you can begin a couple, and put as much into every choice as you need; the decision is yours. Some are simpler to set up than others, yet they’ll all satisfy. Furthermore, who knows? You may even profit with your side hustles and appreciate them so much that they become your fundamental wellspring of salary!

September 24, 2019

Best Practices for Choosing your Gig Category

Gigs help associate you to purchasers—it’s a chance to sell what you can do. So why not sell it well? A powerful gig is influential and foresees what purchasers need. It is your opportunity to illuminate, teach, and draw in forthcoming customers.

This is the reason you need to ensure your gigs incorporate all the significant subtleties, gives them a sample of your polished skill and catches their eye. Basically, you are giving a preview of the administrations you can give and what makes it unmistakable from your rivals.

Here are some prescribed procedures to apply when picking your gig classification:

Give Them the Essential Subtleties

First of all, each bundle you make ought to have a point by point breakdown of the administration being given. The more comfortable you are with what you are selling, the simpler it will be to showcase it on Fiverr.

Next, you can get to know the means it takes to make a gig—each segment is painstakingly intended to demonstrate a breakdown of your administration with the goal that it is simple for purchasers to get to and get it. These chiefs are regularly in a rush and should cling to severe due dates. Remember this, as you pick, plan, and complete your gig classification.

Here’s a general breakdown of what you have to do and include:

A review of your administration (ensure you pick an important classification)

The degree and valuing

A compact portrayal of the administration and answers to every now and again posed inquiries

The data and prerequisites you should play out the administration

An exhibition or advanced arrangement of your past work

Distribute and offer your gig on various systems

Show Them You Are A Specialist

When making profiles and bundles on the web, it is anything but difficult to overlook that there is an individual on the opposite end accepting the data you dispatched. Be that as it may, a genuine professional knows their intended interest group and envisions their needs—their administrations are conveyed well and give purchasers the consolation they want.

An extraordinary method to utilize your mastery as a favorable position over contenders is to wow them with bundles too great to even consider passing up on. You can plan it so each bundle demonstrates your scope of aptitudes and nature of work. For example, an essayist can level an assortment of abilities, for example, Website optimization showcasing, point investigate, and long haul content guides.

Your FAQ sheet is another key minute to develop a compatibility and predict their worries. For instance, in the event that you offer Website design enhancement administrations, numerous purchasers are interested to realize what methodologies you actualize—utilize this area to clarify your improvement procedure and what it involves. Every one of the appropriate responses you give ought to be valuable and educational.

Basically, each area should indicate precisely what makes your administration high caliber.

Catch and Keep Their Eye

Your distinction is an extraordinary resource, and it could have a major effect when it comes down to choice time. Purchasers are looking through a considerable rundown of alternatives, so what would you be able to do to stick out?

Don’t simply depend on your title or portrayal page to draw in with your objective gathering—make your gig tastefully satisfying. Lure them with a high-goals spread photograph, a well-altered explainer video, or visual examples of your work. These supplemental sources give your group of spectators an investigate your innovation, experience, and style.

You likewise would prefer not to keep an eye out for a chance to come thumping on your entryway—share your administrations with the world. Publicize your gigs on every social medium stages and various systems, it will help get you saw and construct introduction.

Be a Fiverr Top pick

Fiverr classes cause it so you to can benefit from every one of your aptitudes and abilities, so don’t keep down.

You are in excess of an essayist, planner or advertiser, so show customers you are an expert—knowledgeable in your specialized topic, anxious to address their issues, and constantly prepared to arrive at new limits.

September 12, 2019